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The BBQ For Apartment Living

Who doesn’t love BBQ food, but for some of you living in apartments in and our of major cities, you’re unable to put up a BBQ grill on your balcony, some of you don’t even have a balcony, which means unless you go for a disposable BBQ, decent setups are hard to come by. Kenyon’s […]

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The Comeback Of Whisky

Whisky is steeped in history. From the bourbon of the American South, to single malt of Scotland and Ireland’s smooth drams that once dominated the world, the mouth waters as you think about it. But this notion of tradition has led to a rather stuffy ‘old boy’ image for the spirit, series such as Mad Men detail […]

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Home Comforts: Gnocchi

Ingredients For the gnocchi: 400g russet potatoes 70g “00” pasta flour 3g baking powder 6g salt 1 large egg yolk Salt, to cover the surface of a sheet tray METHOD Preheat the oven to 185°C.  Cover the surface of a baking tray with a bed of salt. Set the potatoes on top of the salt, […]

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Melitta Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine

Brand: Melitta Model:  Barista TS Smart Coffee Machine   Key Features: Melitta Connect App with 21 Coffee Recipes – Automatic Bean Selection – Intense Aroma Feature – My Coffee Memory – Italian Preparation Process – Best Aroma System Plus – Super Quiet Grinder – Colour Display – One Touch / Touch & Slide System – Double […]

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