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Uber Is Going To Renting Electric Scooters

It’s been announced that Uber will be teaming up with electric scooter rental company Lime to add a new type of transport to its existing offering. Lime, which was founded by ex-Uber executive Travis VanderZanden, is currently growing at a rapid pace and just completed a $335 million financing round led by Alphabet Inc., valuing […]

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Why Luxury Watches Are So Damn Expensive?

Luxury items are expensive. That is neither a new nor revolutionary thought. But whereas purchasing a Ferrari or an Andy Warhol painting begets a price tag that most people are happy to justify — seller, buyer, and overall marketplace — equivalent items from the world of timepieces are often held up as “too expensive.” That isn’t to say it […]

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How WeWork Became The Starbucks Of Office Life

WeWork has spent 2017 riding a rocket. The co-working company leases buildings, renovates them to be luxe Silicon Valley-style offices, and then rents out those offices one desk or a conference room at a time. Just within 2017, WeWork raised $4.4 billion from SoftBank’s Vision Fund. As of October, it had 172 locations in 18 countries, used by more than 150,000 members. WeWork itself employs over […]

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Mercedes-Benz SL, The Perfect Investment

Fun fact: there were 213,089 Mercedes SL-Class R129 produced. Here’s another: you can still buy one for under £10,000. And, with such a design pedigree, reliable engineering and enviable looks – it is a car destined to only rocket in price. So get in gear early, and invest now. But why invest we hear you ask? When […]

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