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What We Want This Week

ACQUA Di PARMA Colonia Futura We’ve found theres always something special about putting on an ACQUA Di PARMA cologne, it gives the wearer an air of confidence and calm, the feeling of being able to take on the world a normal side effect. And its no different with their new Colonia Futura. This is Acqua […]

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The Anywhere House, Alberta, Canada

Designed to be prefabricated and modular, the Anywhere House is exactly what its name implies. The portable concept is made from a system of geometric volumes that have the potential to be a five-bedroom mountain estate, a one-bedroom lakeside villa, and anything in between. Currently, the studio has designed three different bedroom units, a living […]

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A 300,000-Year Case For A 15-Hour Work Week

This is an exert from James Suzman’s ‘Work: A History of How We Spend Our Time’ is published by Bloomsbury and available to buy now. For three decades, I have been documenting the lives of the Ju/’hoansi people of the north-western Kalahari, and their often traumatic encounter with modernity. The Ju/’hoansi are perhaps the […]

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‘A Roman Ruin Wrapped Around A Modern Concrete House’

Last year, architect Adam Richards revealed Nithurst Farm, a modern concept housed in what was a Roman villa and his self-designed family home in the South Downs National Park. TheModernHouse share a new film exploring the far-reaching ideas and references that informed the convention-defying design of the house, as well as the intimate realities of […]

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Mumbai Gin

We may have just found one of our top 5 new favourite gins, ever. Mumbai Gin is an independent brand created to compliment gourmet Indian food. The founders of the brand discovered that gin was the perfect base to explore Indians famous fruity tastes, complimentary spicy flavours and offer a unique drink for gin lovers. As you may or may not […]

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Silverstone Trackside Homes By Escapade

Originally used as a WWII airfield, Silverstone Circuit is Britain’s home of motor racing. These Escapade Silverstone Trackside Homes are ideal for those wanting to be ingrained into the tracks history. Their modern three- and four-bedroom layouts include underfloor heating, acoustic isolation tech, en-suite bathrooms, and climate-controlled garages. They’re joined by Dual-Aspect homes, which sit […]

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5 Lessons On Business From The Luckiest Man In Formula 1

“I’m the luckiest man in the world,” Eddie Jordan recently told the Gentleman’s Journal Podcast. He was talking about his remarkable rollercoaster of a career, of course. From banker, to budding racing driver, to Formula One team owner, to media pundit and legend of the sport. But there’s a great deal more at play here than simply luck. […]

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Scooter Etiquette, The Guide

We love these modern day scooters, these little electric scooters that allow you to whizz about town with not a care in the world. And, with electric scooters now legal to hire in London and the drive for outdoor transport greater than ever thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this is one trend that isn’t going […]

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What We Want This Week

Paige Brayden Short Sleeve Shirt / Matching Shorts The perfect matching outfit for those warm summer days. The short sleeve button up shirt crafted from lightweight and breathable rayon yarns in a textured print that pairs perfectly the matching clean-cut shorts that are lightweight and breathable, a weekend-ready style for every gentleman’s wardrobe. Shirt & […]

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Private Pumpkin Island Resort

Ever wanted to own your own island? Well now is your chance. Located along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Pumpkin Island offers an opportunity to purchase a turnkey eco-resort. Scattered across the roughly 15-acre island are five guest cottages with accommodations for up to 34 people, as well as two oceanfront bungalows with a game room […]

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What We Want This Week

Mr.Marvis Stretch Cotton Original Shorts You may remember our first ever post in which we said that Mr.Marvis had “hands down created the best sports performance shorts on the market today”. And we weren’t lying and we’re happy to say nothing has changed. But to add to that the brand has now created, in our […]

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A Room With A View

This really is the ultimate room with a view. Located in the Pairi Daiza zoo, guests of the Pairi Daiza Resort get the chance to sleep inside their own animal exhibit. The 50-room, Belgian hotel features suites that share a glass wall with walruses, polar bears, penguins, and Siberian tigers. Some rooms even catch a […]

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Its Time You Explored More

Let’s face it, you can never explore enough and it’s a simple fact of life. We are too often concerned with jobs, money and general life, chasing a never ending cycle that we think makes us happy. With the current global situation of mass redundancies, social distancing and the like, its time to refocus on […]

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Oakley’s New Artsy Kokoro Collection

Tokyo-born artist Meguru Yamaguchi is known for his “sculptural paintings” has now he’s teamed with Oakley on their latest collection of sunglasses for 2020. Coined the “Kokoro” a Japanese word meaning “heart, mind, spirit,” the collection includes 11 of Oakley’s famous sports meets life frames. Each piece in the collection is completely unique, having gone […]

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The North Face, A Drop From The Factory Floor

The North Face has launched the ‘Reduce Collection’. You’re looking at the best sustainable summer wear on the market right now, and best of all it’s all been revived from the factory floors. The new collection features 100% recycled materials and crafted using leftover trim and fabrics from The North Face factory floors, literally. The new […]

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Your New Home Office

With remote working moving from a temporary solution to long-term position, people are looking for something to call their home office. Igor Leal’s Sunken Studio gets you away from the day to day madness of home and into a sleek subterranean workspace, if you have the garden for it. The 500 square foot concept was […]

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Livit Studypod Studio

The work from home movement is in full swing and has left many people wishing they had a dedicated workspace. Livit’s Studypod is designed specifically to meet this need. Measuring roughly seven feet in each direction, it’s made from a composite material, with a large glass window affording views of nature from behind the detachable […]

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