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Meet The Tesla Of Outdoor Clothing

Vollebak, the name might not sound familiar, but it will very soon. Their clothing has won TIME Magazines ‘Best Innovations’ award, not only that but the brand have created the world’s first ‘Indestructible Puffer’ made from Dyneema, which is the single strongest fibre known to man today. Dyneema is up to 15x stronger than steel […]

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Active Lifestyle, Design, Outdoor

Caravan Holiday’s Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Say hello to the worlds first E-RV Electric Camper. Designed by Australia-based Retreat Caravan and OzXcorp, they are giving campers the best of both worlds. Their ERV Electric Camper is capable of rugged, off-road adventures while offering hotel-esk living quarters. What else you say? Well it runs entirely on electric. The trailer features a rooftop […]

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Tesla ‘Safari’ Roadster

If civilization really does end, this crazy modified Tesla Safari Roadster won’t protect you, but it can certainly help you get you away from the zombie hordes no problem. Brainchild of BradBuilds, his 3D render of Tesla’s yet-to-be-released Roadster combines the 911 Safari aesthetic with Elon Musk’s EV powertrain. Four solar panels mounted on the […]

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