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What We Want This Week

Oakley ‘Deadbolt’ Sunglasses It’s no secret, Oakley is the leader of a bloated and overloaded eyewear industry, and we’re happy to say they’ve proven, yet again, just why they’re the leader with the new Deadbolt frame. Yes, its a slightly unconventional design, but it’s a progressive take on sunglass design and we love it. Equipped […]

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The Reading Corner: Music Manager Memoirs

Bring It On Home: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin and Beyond: The Story of Rock’s Greatest Manager – Mark Blake Peter Grant is arguably one of the most (in)famous music managers in Rock ‘n’ Roll. He was the manager and carer of the legends that are Led Zepplin, helping them forge global stardom. But his life […]

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The Reading Corner: July

Welcome to the reading corner, a little book lovers piece of heaven. Each month we’ll be sharing what we’re reading and what we want to read in that month. Every type of book imaginable will be covered. So historic novels to biographies and the latest cookbook or self-help manual, you’ll see it all. So lets […]

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