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A World Wide Business, All Without An Office

Like many entrepreneurs, Martijn Roordink hasn’t worked in a traditional office for the last 10 years. It’s what you’d expect from the founder of Spaces, the Amsterdam-based co-working company he launched in 2008. Yet his unorthodox working life sheds light on the popularity of communal work–and the extent to which the workstyle has taken root in the U.S. and […]

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This Tiny House Could Change Housing At Just £150,000

Estonian design collective Kodasema has just launched a new prefabricated home which could potentially shake up the UK’s housing industry. Priced at just £150,000, the tiny 25-square-metre micro home doesn’t need foundations and can be easily moved back-and-forth on the back of a truck. Even better for individuals looking for their own place, the Koda house’s £150,000 […]

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A Tooth Brush Perfect For The Time Poor

  Amabrush, the world’s first fully automatic toothbrush. This slightly strange device is capable of brushing your teeth in a staggering 10 seconds. This is possible thanks to a flexible mouthpiece — three years in the making — that vibrates every tooth clean just by pressing a button. The toothbrush in turn boasts built-in micro-channels […]

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