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Get The Ride Of A Lifetime On The Neptune Space Balloon

There are hundreds of videos capturing GoPros ascending into the cosmos on weather balloons. Now, inhabitants of Earth might get the chance to experience floating to the edge of space firsthand. Travel startup Space Perspective plans to send passengers to the stratosphere on their space balloon Neptune. The eight-person pressurised capsule will launch from NASA’s […]

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AWAY Founders Join List Of “Toxic” Startup CEOs

We’ve all heard the stories of startup founders evolving from do-gooder entrepreneurs to power hungry, obsessive and abusive CEOs in so many tech companies and startups it all becomes a little numbing, as if the transformation is acceptable and even warranted if you want a company to survive. Many believe it’s ok for staff to […]

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Monzo, N26 and Revolut: Banking On Community

‘Cool is not a reason for a new bank. Control is,’ reads a new advert for the Berlin-based digital startup bank N26. Plastered across London’s transport network, does the ad, one of a series they’ve rolled out, intentionally cast shade in the direction of its coral pink competitor, Monzo? Such online, branchless services claim to […]

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But What Does A Co-Living Community Manager Do?

Paris-based business incubator Station F – which calls itself the largest ‘startup campus’ in the world – will start offering co-living leases later this year. In preparation, it’s currently hiring a community manager to help new tenants settle in. The job description offers an interesting insight into what this role entails. Take a look at the […]

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What Successful People Do With Their Morning Commute

Unlike James Bond our mornings don’t consist of sitting in the bath, reading papers, on the phone and leisurely taking out time.  Well for some they might. But how did you spend your commute this morning? It can be strange, being squashed up on a bus or train for up to an hour every morning, […]

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The Angle Razor, It’s A Design Nerds Dream

Shaving is a lost art, with less time and more and more gentlemen preferring a beard, the Angle Razor from Morrama is on a mission to bring back the art. With a machined aluminium handle that puts the balance point at the thumb and forefinger, the Angle Razor uses physics to help deliver a more controlled shave. […]

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How WeWork Became The Starbucks Of Office Life

WeWork has spent 2017 riding a rocket. The co-working company leases buildings, renovates them to be luxe Silicon Valley-style offices, and then rents out those offices one desk or a conference room at a time. Just within 2017, WeWork raised $4.4 billion from SoftBank’s Vision Fund. As of October, it had 172 locations in 18 countries, used by more than 150,000 members. WeWork itself employs over […]

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A World Wide Business, All Without An Office

Like many entrepreneurs, Martijn Roordink hasn’t worked in a traditional office for the last 10 years. It’s what you’d expect from the founder of Spaces, the Amsterdam-based co-working company he launched in 2008. Yet his unorthodox working life sheds light on the popularity of communal work–and the extent to which the workstyle has taken root in the U.S. and […]

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This Tiny House Could Change Housing At Just £150,000

Estonian design collective Kodasema has just launched a new prefabricated home which could potentially shake up the UK’s housing industry. Priced at just £150,000, the tiny 25-square-metre micro home doesn’t need foundations and can be easily moved back-and-forth on the back of a truck. Even better for individuals looking for their own place, the Koda house’s £150,000 […]

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A Tooth Brush Perfect For The Time Poor

  Amabrush, the world’s first fully automatic toothbrush. This slightly strange device is capable of brushing your teeth in a staggering 10 seconds. This is possible thanks to a flexible mouthpiece — three years in the making — that vibrates every tooth clean just by pressing a button. The toothbrush in turn boasts built-in micro-channels […]

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