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A Room With A View: Ed Barlett, Founder, Kostüme CC

For Ed Barlett, cycling apparel doesn’t need to be boring to be functional. After the devastating shut down of exhibitions during Covid 19, affecting artists all over the UK, Ed wanted to create new spaces for artists to continue self-expression whilst reinvigorating the rapidly growing and diversifying cycling apparel market. Kostüme creates limited-release collections which are […]

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Emma Original Mattress

Brand: Emma Mattress   Model:  The Original, King Size Key Features: Temperature Regulated Top Cover | Ultra-Breathable Airgocell® Memory Foam | Pressure-Relieving Visco-Elastic Memory Foam | Supportive HRX Cold Foam | Removable Encasing Top Cover | Game Changing Sleep | 10 Year Guarantee | Works To The Contours Of Your Body Sleep Quality: 10/10 Stability & Durability: 9/10  […]

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Tesla Unveil Human Sized ‘Tesla Bot’

On Thursday Tesla unveiled plans for a human-sized robot aptly called Tesla Bot. The life-sized, 57kg humanoid bot was teased during the company’s AI Day held in its Palo Alto headquarters, which showcased enhancements in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. On the development of an eerily-lifelike robot, CEO Elon Musk called Tesla “arguably the world’s biggest robotics company” […]

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The First Of Its Kind All Electric 1960’s Mustang

Charge Automotive is a British company based in London.The young team has extensive experience in the development of luxury and high performance vehicles with their engineers contributing to various projects for McLaren Automotive, Jaguar Land Rover and F1 Racing Teams. And oh boy are they passionate about eternal automobile classics. The team have created the […]

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Inside JAY-Z’s Weed Factory

Jay-Z’s got 99 problems but slinging weed isn’t one. Say hello to his massive weed factory, an impressive 100,000-square-foot facility the building sits on a busy intersection in San Jose, California. A steady procession of customers shuffles patiently in line at the front-room dispensary, oblivious to the whirring machinations behind closed doors. Only with an […]

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SpaceX Want To Take You Into Space

The world’s first all-civilian mission to space is officially chalked up for later this year. Named Inspiration4 in recognition of the four-person crew and their mission to inspire support for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, SpaceX has offered a seat to one lucky winner. Entrants simply need to make a $10 or larger donation to […]

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Get The Ride Of A Lifetime On The Neptune Space Balloon

There are hundreds of videos capturing GoPros ascending into the cosmos on weather balloons. Now, inhabitants of Earth might get the chance to experience floating to the edge of space firsthand. Travel startup Space Perspective plans to send passengers to the stratosphere on their space balloon Neptune. The eight-person pressurised capsule will launch from NASA’s […]

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AWAY Founders Join List Of “Toxic” Startup CEOs

We’ve all heard the stories of startup founders evolving from do-gooder entrepreneurs to power hungry, obsessive and abusive CEOs in so many tech companies and startups it all becomes a little numbing, as if the transformation is acceptable and even warranted if you want a company to survive. Many believe it’s ok for staff to […]

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