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Michael Fassbender: Road To Le Mans

Following the third season as actor Michael Fassbender makes his journey to the world’s ultimate motorsport event in this weekly YouTube series presented by Porsche. ‘Road to Le Mans’ tells the story of Fassbender’s dream to race against the best teams and drivers in the world at the 24h of Le Mans. The series will […]

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The Journal: Venison & Red Wine Pie

The Ingredients vegetable oil 2 tbsp stewing venison 1kg, cut into chunks onion 1, finely chopped plain flour 3 tbsp, plus extra for dusting bay leaf 1 juniper berries 4 red wine 400ml chicken or vegetable stock 200ml, plus extra if needed chestnut mushrooms 200g baby shallots or pearl onions 200g, peeled redcurrant jelly 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp PASTRY shredded vegetable suet 150g self-raising flour 250g baking […]

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The Journal

Whats In A Name? And Why These Men Changed Them

Do you like your name? What’s even in a name anyways and does it matter? If you’re one of the men below, then, well, a hell of a lot. Box-office success, platinum records, worldwide superstardom — to whole lot. And all because they reworked, shifted some letters or completely changed their names making the shift […]

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Stanley Tucci’s ‘Taste’

If you missed Stanley Tucci’s rise to social fame over the last year, where have you been? His extensive and innuendo based martini & negroni tutorials throughout lockdown were a must watch and guess what, you missed out. His charming smile, those signature black glasses, the smooth New York, London mixed accent and his outrageous cocktail […]

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Business Class Anyone?

I used to spend hours (I mean literally hours) listening to one of my old bosses bleep on about how the world used to be better in the 1980’s, all power lunches and suits and I have to amind he was probably right. Every one of those stories would consist, on most occasions, tales of […]

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The Ivy Market Grill X Chila Burman

This month, the streets of Covent Garden have come alive with an immersive, neon art installation created by British artist, Chila Burman. To celebrate this marquee event, The Ivy Market Grill will be transforming its Henrietta Street entrance with a brightly coloured, peacock-inspired installation in collaboration with Bombay Sapphire. The striking display will be filled […]

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Western Cape Beach Retreat

We may have found our perfect house. Designed by Jenny Mills Architects they have nestled the Western Cape Beachside Retreat on a rocky peninsula in South Africa. The property welcomes guests with an inner courtyard planted with native dune plants in a space protected from the harsh winds. Once inside, floor-to-ceiling glazing opens the main […]

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What We Want This Week

Filippa K John Lace UP Boot Filippa K is the founder of modern day elegance and minimalism. Their handmade lace-up boots constructed of smooth calf leather from Spain is the perfect example of how the brand remorselessly continue to create consistent collections that are universal in appeal. The leather-lined boot has a heavy tractor-pattern rubber […]

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The Journal: The Americano

The predecessor to greatness, the foundation of flavour, the backbone of bitter leisure. Think iconic, think Negroni, but lighter. The Americano is great for light summer evenings or a casual get together. Ingredients:1.5oz Campari1.5oz Sweet Vermouth3oz Soda Gear:Koto Old Fashioned Crystal GlassesLibbey Mixing Glass Instructions:Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass and strain into a […]

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Skylark Cabin, New Zealand

Nestled in the grasslands of Twizel, New Zealand, the Skylark Cabin is a modest retreat designed to take advantage of the area’s dramatic landscapes. The home is comprised of two entities, each clad in blackened Siberian larch with contrasting orange framing. Internally, walls and ceilings are lined with warm wood panels with a skylight over […]

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Cat Hill House, Hudson Valley

Atop a hilltop in the Hudson Valley, the Cat Hill House magically adapts to its surroundings with its gravity-defying design. The main living spaces of the structure are housed in a rectilinear volume planted on level ground. Floor-to-ceiling windows at the rear of the home opens the interior to views of the Catskill Mountain, as […]

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The Journal: The Mint Julep

The Mint Julep may be the king of all summer drinks. Served in a distinctive metal cup (it should be frosty to the touch) the ice-cold cocktail was born in the American South, and mainly contains crushed ice. There are other ingredients of course, with a splish and splash of bourbon and the flavoursome zing of […]

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Wiltshire Farm House

Built in 1699, as the quaint sign above the door reads, the house has never been shy of personality, yet it lacked open space so often associated with modern living. Calling for light renovation, Charlie and Chloe the owners of this incredible property were careful not to rid their farmhouse of rustic charm; they connected […]

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The Grand Tour Lochdown

What could possibly be better than Jeremy Clarkson’s recent hit ‘Clarksons Farm’? Well you guessed it, another feature long episode of The Grand Tour. After the disaster that was 2020, it’s time to get back into the swing of things and Clarkson, Hammond and May are here to help. Equipped with three examples of Detroit’s […]

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Have You Ever Tried The Beermosa Cocktail?

Cocktails, although incredibly satisfying to drink they can be a disaster if mixed in the wrong hands. This simple weekend sipper is one that even the most cack handed of us can pull off well and make a drink that sings. This cocktail can be pulled together from ingredients that almost everyone has lying around […]

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