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This Hot Tubs Better Than Yours

Say hello to the most beautifully designed hot tub in the world. The ‘Tubmarine’ wood-fired hot tubs are a sleek addition to any property and really easy to maintain thanks to their stainless steal interior and wood exterior. The Tubmarine heats up in under two hours, requiring no electricity at all, and is built using […]

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London’s Best Gyms For 2020

If you’re serious about honing your body and improving your performance this year, then you’ll know that overcrowded gym-chains which reek of sweat and #GymSelfies are not the place to do it. Thankfully, London boasts some of the countries most exclusive gyms that offer a great deal more than just yoga or spinning classes. So if you’re a fan […]

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Bathhouse Williamsburg, NYC

Housed in a 1930s soda factory in the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn, the Bathhouse brings communal bathing of old to the borough. Guests enter a sleek reception area, fitted with handmade cement tiles and a custom concrete walkway. A 6,500 square foot subterranean bathhouse is located below where traditional rituals meet modern techniques. Situated among […]

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