Oakley Kato

Today sees the launch of Oakley’s brand new sports performance offering, the Kato. The Kato’s radical aesthetic is made possible by game-changing advancements in optical design. This progression, combined with countless hours focused on research and testing by Oakley, helped to create this unique piece of eyewear set to revolutionise the face of sport this year. The Kato’s purpose-built design features an innovative, frameless lens, crafted with an extended wrap and built-in retention to mimic the structural properties of a typical frame. The result is a product intended to fit close to the contours of the face, creating a mask-like feel and enabling the frames to hang on tight through the longest, sweatiest of runs or bike rides. When paired with Oakley’s unparalleled optics and clarity of vision, this product is like a seamless extension to its wearer. According to Oakley, during development a select group of elite athletes including NFL QB Patrick Mahomes and British cyclist Mark Cavendish were equipped with a prototype, testing the durability and performance attributes that the brand believes will set Oakley’s Kato apart from its competitors. The athlete feedback led to the final design, which features an adjustable rake system and multiple nosepads to enable a customized, seamless fit. The strong yet lightweight ‘O Matter’ stems provide durability, and Unobtainium earsocks are molded over the stems to deliver all-day comfort with no-slip grip. We think you’ll agree this is next-level innovation by Oakley requiring a complete overhaul of the fabrication process – from molds to optical axis machines and lens adhesive. Oakley Kato is available with Prizm™ lenses designed to enhance colour and contrast to see more detail.
Find out more Oakley.com


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