FIFA Is Back

When there’s a new Fifa game every year come rain, shine or a global pandemic, spotting all the differences between each iteration is a challenge akin to convincing Daniel Levy that he should let Harry Kane leave Tottenham on a free transfer as a show of goodwill. But what we can say is that it’s as good a game of football as you could hope to play on your console of choice. A welcomed addition is HyperMotion, a collection of technologies allowing for more natural movement on next-gen machines. So when you’ve got a bird’s eye view of the pitch teams don’t move in robotic unison according to their set formation and in replays there’s less of that weird juddering where a player might contort through their set animations for shots and tackling. The whole effect was created by strapping up every player in an eleven vs eleven training match with motion-tracking tech, as opposed to the usual solo recording sessions you might have seen in the past. The end result is an arsenal of 4,000 animations that overlap throughout a match to deliver the kind of picture you might encounter on Sky Sports on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The biggest changes however will be universal to all players. After Fifa 21 initially saw any goalkeepers catch a serious case of the vapours at the mere sight of a shot in their direction, Fifa 22’s beloved cohort are made of much sterner stuff, to the extent that EA Sports says it’s still fine-tuning the overall shot-stopping balance. For the moment at least, having Gianluigi Donnarumma actually perform like the man mountain we know does a lot to make matches feel like more of a contest, encouraging you to vary your approach play in the hope of a breakthrough. Another new addition is the “explosive sprint” feature rewards those who can time their runs as opposed to slamming down the R2 button at the earliest opportunity. Ultimately overall gameplay will be the conquering or downfall of Fifa 22 and for that, we’ll have to wait and see. £54.99, Released 1 October,


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