RECEPTION – The King Must Die SS22

RECEPTION Clothing’ SS22 collection is lovingly named The King Must Die. The collection is a creative reflection on the gambling world and its sins. The brand first intended to build the collection around the American gambling world from the 60’s to 80’s by digging into the alternative press, but quickly realised how prostitution was playing a major part of the graphical reference we could find. This pushed them in another direction by looking at the French casino scene which felt worlds apart from its American counterpart. Looking through wells of archives the RECEPTION team realize how misogynist is its world. There are many feminine elements in this collection which you can find through many different graphics, but overall the collection pays tribute to sexual minorities whom have played a role in an industry – ruled by misogynist & conservative men. This, then echos the brands collection name, The king must die. Fabrics are made in Portugal as with every season and the brand’s team have picked a beautiful cotton linen fabric from a Japanese supplier which is an all-over embroidery of clovers. See the lookbook below. Visit


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