Fliteboard Create A New Level Of Fun For Ocean Exploration

What comes to mind when you think of summer and love being on the water? For us, it’s surfing. And as Summer is getting into full swing the nation looks to head to the coast, whether home or abroad, spending many hours surfing (on the few select beaches we have), paddleboarding or kayaking. But what happens when they are no waves? Or you’ve picked a bad spot for your surfing pleasure? Introducing Fliteboard. The brand has created a propeller-propelled board that gives riders the freedom to ride anywhere, without wind or waves. Emission-free, wake-free and virtually silent, since its beginning in 2018 Fliteboard has ushered in a new category of environmentally friendly powered watercraft. Crafted with Carbon Innegra and ash timber – a premium wood we chose thanks to its strength, beautiful pale hue, and velvety texture – each hand-cut plank is laid, sanded, sealed and vacuum bagged before being shaped and finished with our signature black carbon underside. This is a luxury that looks and feels as comfortable in the water as it does atop a Wally Yacht. Each board has 20+ gears and is controlled by ‘Flite Controller’ which the rider holds in their hand whilst using the board. Everyone who experiences riding a Fliteboard feels a magical connection with the water and have said there is nothing like it, to fly above the water and explore hidden beaches and coves, Fliteboard is the perfect accessory for yacht owners, surfers and water babies alike and will provide you with ample adventurers this Summer. Current models include Fliteboard, PRO, ULTRA and AIR. From £9,125.00 Available Fliteboard.com


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