Harry Kirton’s All Grown Up In New Thomas Pink

You may remember him as Finn Shelby, well, if you didn’t where the hell have you been for the last 8 years? On-screen we watched him grow from a boy to a young man, climbing the ranks of the Shelby family business, breaking faces and legs along the way. Now, thanks to the new Thomas Pink campaign ‘When is a white shirt pink?’ it would seem the boys all grown up, and what a man might we say. The dapper young Kirton was the only member of the main cast to have been raised in Birmingham where the drama is set and has solidified his name in British history thanks to the role he played in Peaky Blinders and further solidified his name by choosing to work with Thomas Pink. The pictures, shot by the very talented Pelle Crépin, feature the young actor wearing a number of different white shirt styles by Thomas Pink, styled in a variety of ways to express their versatility. Open at the neck, or with ties, they are matched with vintage-style trousers, jeans and chinos, to illustrate how a white shirt really is a fundamental building block of the male wardrobe. We can all agree then, that the boy is well and truly a man and thanks to Thomas Pink not only is he younger than you, but he also dresses better. So do both yourself and everyone else around you a favour and ditch that horrid shirt you purchased from Next or H&M and up your bloody game. You too can have style, class and sophistication, but only if you choose Thomas Pink. Thomaspink.com


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