VANS UltraRange 3D Is The Adventurers Dream



Brand: VANS

Model: UltraRange 3D

Key Features: Vans new three-density outsole, fusing Vans’ UltraCush™ Lite foam and original waffle rubber compound to reinforce a soft, cushioned fit that lasts longer

Release Date: August 2018

Price: TBC


Notes: An updated take on the UltraRange, Vans modernised style of footwear that emphasises advanced comfort, lightweight traction, and superior mobility. The  UltraRange 3D is engineered with a new three-density outsole. The 3D’s precise calibration features a sophisticated and breathable upper construction, highlighting Vans’ new durable reverse lug rubber waffle tread and engineered radial heel design to increase stability and provide seamless heel strike. Vans’ LuxLiner™ bootie construction completes the formula, offering elevated fit and ease of entry to cap off one of the most versatile shoes in the brands repertoire.


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