Tiny Living Caravan Build, Sims 4

Sims 4 is one of those games that no matter your age or gender there is something addictive about the game. Living vicariously through your digital families can pass hours of time, creating friendships, love affairs and watching your Sim live out their lives, fulfilling career goals and so much more. One part of the game, which has fans of all ages churning out hours of gameplay, is the build and design, creating your perfect home.

Youtuber and Sims 4 whizz James Turner has shown his 1.4M followers how to do a build out of a ‘Tiny Living’ caravan, built on a micro 32 game tiles with thanks to Sims 4 update ‘Tiny Living’ Pack. The space comprises of a living room come master bedroom, complete with fold down double bed, a one tile bathroom, guest room and kitchen. We think you’ll agree this could offer hours of entertainment and perfects even spark creative ideas for your own digital Tiny Living place, or even maybe a real life one?

Check out the full video above and find more great Sims 4 videos on James Turners Youtube Channel.


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