Vans Eco Theory Collection

The Eco Theory collection marks one of the first steps in Vans journey to building a more sustainable footwear company. Rebuilding some of our most-loved shoes from the ground up, the Vans Eco Theory collection has the classic look fans of the brand have come to expect, but made with responsibly sourced materials that are from source streams that follow proven ethical and sustainable practices that minimise harm to the planet and have positive benefits within the natural and social ecosystems in which they operate. The collection utilizes organic cotton, a new ECO Vans natural rubber, jute laces, cork-lined footbeds and water-based inks and glues to reimagine three of our most iconic Surf Classics silhouettes: the Authentic, Slip-On, and Style 36 Decon SF. Vans set out to make more thoughtful iterations of some of its most classic designs, starting with its first ever shoe, the Authentic. The Eco Theory Authentic SF, (which is available in black Checkerboard/marshmallow Checkerboard and natural/double light gum) is a more sustainable version of an all-time favourite. The 100% cotton upper is made with cotton fibres that are organically grown according to recognised farm level certification standards that aim to support healthy soils, habitats and workers. The Authentic SF’s shoelaces are made from natural jute fibre (naturally derived from plants), and the UltraCush footbed features a natural cork topsheet. The outsole is made from an all-new ECO rubber compound from responsibly sourced natural rubber instead of petroleum-derived rubber. This new natural rubber compound was developed and engineered to maintain the grip and durability for which Vans is known and much loved and to finish it all off the whole package is held together with water-based glues and coloured with water-based inks. Learn more about Vans sustainability plans here. Available on


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